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The street was fairly silent, a birds chirp the loudest sound present. A perfectly peaceful area with houses neatly kept in shape and rock walls separating each. In a house near the end of the street a new family had moved in, a kind and very pretty woman and her husband and their two children. Everyone on the street had welcomed the Myrik's with open arms. Although the family was fairly strange, the strangest being the two children, the twins, Jack and Jackie.

The first to wake up this morning was Jack, his alarm clock blaring incessant beeps until he finally just turned it off. He got up and walked into the bathroom that was a joined part of his room and looked in the mirror. The image he got was nothing shy of hilarious. His hair sticking up at odd angles, his bangs pushed out of the way exposing his left eye, a track of dried drool running down his chin. After a quick laugh Jack turned on the shower and hopped in just letting the warm water wash down his face.

Meanwhile, in the room across the hall Jackie was slowly waking up, her internal alarm clock trusted more than a noisy alarm like her brother had. She quickly got up and walked into her bathroom, not even bothering to look in the mirror knowing how horrible she looked in the mornings. Jackie simply turned on the shower hopping in and cleaning herself quickly in the cold water.

Jack had finally finished his shower, grabbing a towel and scrubbing at his hair furiously to dry it off. He wrapped the towel around his waist and moved back into his room to grab a set of clothes. He went for his usual gray striped shirt and black cargo pants, his favorite clothes. He headed back into the bathroom and brushed out his hair making certain that it was straight and covering his left eye, not wanting to accidentally expose it for everyone to see.

Jackie had finished her shower about 5 minutes after she'd gotten in. She was already dressed in her favorite outfit, a gray striped shirt, same as her brothers only the stripes were reversed on hers, and a pair of daisy dukes. She was currently styling her hair in its usual spikes, her bangs brushed down covering her right eye making certain that it was well hidden.


Jack and Jackie now sat at the breakfast table looking like mirror opposites as they ate their pancakes with syrup and toast. Their mom, Sarah, standing by the counter cleaning up. "JJ come on its time to go, don't want to be late for your first day of school now." Sarah said, her little way of talking to them like they were one person not entirely out of place because she rarely ever saw them not practically glued at the hip.

"Mom it's still 6:30 school doesn't even start until 8:45." Both Jack and Jackie said at the same time.

"But JJ, if you go now you can look around the school and maybe even meet a couple of friends." She stated cheerily reaching for her car keys and walking to the garage to start up the car.

Jack and Jackie look at each other annoyed. But in unison they stand up and place their dishes in the sink grab their bags and head outside. Jackie yelling out shotgun and snagging the front seat while her brother, begrudgingly, took the backseat. Sarah laughing as she started up the car and set off taking her twins to their new school. 

This is a bit short but it is only the prologue after all. =D I've actually had this idea swishing around in my brain for a while now attempting to slip out so I just finally wrote it down. I also ask for some constructive criticism so that I can make this story as enjoyable as possible because trust me it's going nowhere but up from this point.
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July 16, 2012
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