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The lady sitting at the front office looked, for lack of a better word, bored. Her sandy brown hair falling down her face as her bright green eyes stared at the little foam globe on her desk with disinterest, her chin moving up and down slowly as she chewed on a piece of gum. A name tag rested on her chest stating proudly the name 'Jessie'. She heard the squeak of the office door opening and looked up to see who was heading inside. The receptionist froze as she looked over the strange sight in front of her.

A young woman with bright blond hair and shining blue eyes stood in the doorway, a simple dress framing her thin body well. She was followed by two teenagers who looked completely identical only gender really separating them. The boy had short black hair, except for a curious red streak on his left side, which had been brushed down to cover his left eye, his right eye shining and blue. He wore a gray striped long-sleeved shirt and black cargo pants, a pair of black tennis shoes on his feet. While the girl also had black hair, it was long nearly touching her ankles, it also had that curious red streak on the left side, the top of her hair was a jumble of messy spikes and a long strip of red hair hung over her left shoulder while a curtain of black covered the right side of her face showing the blue eye on the left side of her face. She also wore a gray striped shirt the colors reversed on hers though and a pair of daisy dukes, a pair of black boots that rose to her knees adorned her feet.

Jessie hadn't even noticed she was starring until the blond woman cleared her throat, causing Jessie to jump slightly. "I'm sorry...How can I help you?" Jessie said as she looked down embarrassed.

"I'm here to make sure my children are set up to start this year." The blond woman said cheerily. Her kids looked bored, starring off into space.

"Ah alright you must be the Miryk's then? Let me just check the schedules and see if they're all set. What are their names?" Jessie said starting up her computer.

"Jack Miryk and Jackie Miryk." Sarah said turning back to smile at her kids who smiled back warmly.

Jessie typed frantically searching up their schedules and printing them out handing them to Sarah. "Here you go ma'am." Jessie said smiling pleasantly.

"Thank you..." Sarah looked at Jessie's name tag, "Jessie. My name's Sarah by the way." Sarah said sticking her hand out to shake.

Jessie gripped her hand and shook it firmly "You're welcome. I do actually have one question."


"Is there any reason you required your children to be in all of the same classes?"

"My little JJ asked to be in the same classes, they're practically joined at the hip." Sarah said smiling back at her 'JJ'.

"Hmm, that's so cute." Jessie said smiling over at the two who smiled back a little annoyed at the comment.

"Well it was nice meeting you Jessie but I need to get back to work and my JJ needs to get to class." Jack and Jackie rise in unison as there mom walks over to hand them their schedules and hug them good bye.

"It was nice meeting you too Sarah have a nice day." Jessie said back eagerly, waving at the woman as she walked out the door. She turns to face the twins "Alright you guys I'll call down my daughter so she can give you a tour of the school." The two nodded in unison sitting back down, waiting patiently as Jessie took out a phone calling her daughter.

Well here's chapter one also kind of short and a little slow going but it'll get better don't worry.
Prologue: [link]
Ch. 2: ...
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July 16, 2012
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